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Corporate services roles

A figure walks though a bright conference room with 6 round tables with blue and green chairs surrounding them.

Corporate services play an important role at the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Whether they’re recruiting new colleagues, managing finances, keeping us safe or offering legal support, the people in these teams have a clear understanding of what’s happening across the organisation. We could not do what we do without them.

Communications and design at the ONS

You will often see our statistics and analysis in the latest news headlines. So, it’s important that what we say and how we say it is consistent and accurate.

As a member of our communications and design teams, you will help us share important information about our work to audiences inside and outside the ONS.

You could be:

  • writing and editing website content
  • working on the marketing campaigns that promote our activity
  • engaging with the media to improve awareness of some of the UK’s most important statistics
  • creating content and campaigns for your ONS colleagues
  • helping to design everything from leaflets and brochures to videos and imagery for social media
  • creating effective stakeholder engagement strategies

Commercial at the ONS

The commercial team at the ONS makes sure everyone has the goods and services they need.

Working closely with customers and suppliers, you will help our colleagues get everything from stationery and software to travel arrangements and hardware. You will also help us follow all relevant rules and regulations to protect the reputation of the ONS.

As part of the team, you could be organising contracts for some of our most important projects, such as Census 2021 and the COVID-19 Infection Survey.

Internal auditors at the ONS

Our internal audit team assesses whether areas in the ONS are delivering on their outcomes.

As an internal auditor, you will make sure that the controls we’ve put in place are both adequate and effective. You will also assess whether we have identified all possible risks and that they are being properly managed. 

But it’s not just about managing risks, you will also support:

  • areas of organisational change
  • issues that management are concerned about
  • the ONS’s main activities and functions

The ONS not only provided opportunities for me to grow professionally, but also funded my CIPD Level 7 qualification.”

Lucy – Talent and Development Lead

Human resources (HR) at the ONS

When you join the HR team at the ONS, you will be managing our most important resource, our people.

You could be helping with our diversity and inclusion programmes or supporting our pay and reward schemes. From workforce planning and organisational design to training development and employee relations, your skills will allow our teams to serve the public more effectively.

Help us put the right talent in the right place and make the ONS a truly great place to work.

Risk and assurance at the ONS

Our risk and assurance teams combine effective risk management with detailed assurance reviews to make everyone’s jobs that little bit easier.

You can help us to understand why risks and issues occur and make it less likely that they will happen again. Or if they do, you can help to reduce the impact of the risk, should it become an issue.

Working closely with other teams, through regular dedicated risk and assurance reporting, you can help us make better decisions and protect the ONS’s reputation.

Finance at the ONS

Our finance teams lead and oversee the financial management, financial reporting and accounting at the ONS.

You could be coordinating and producing our annual accounts, generating invoices or providing expert advice on financial matters. You will also help to make sure that we pay both ONS colleagues and our suppliers correctly and on time.

It will be your job to protect the financial integrity of the ONS by driving value for money and giving people the information and analysis that they need.

“The ONS has second-to-none facilities and an inclusive and empowering management team, and I’m really enjoying the role.”

Mathew – Senior Facilities Manager

Property at the ONS

Our colleagues in property roles work across the ONS to make sure that every project and programme related to property runs smoothly and efficiently.

You could be ensuring the right health and safety measures are in place, managing our facilities management services or supporting the leases and other agreements for our offices.

As part of the project team, you will make sure that we manage and deliver all our property investments efficiently and successfully. Or you could join our sustainability team, helping to reduce the ONS’s impact on the environment so that we comply with laws and regulations.

Security at the ONS

Five areas make up the security team at the ONS. These include:

  • cyber security
  • physical security & business continuity
  • knowledge and information management
  • security risk advisory
  • security compliance and audit

Your days could involve providing risk advice on projects, creating security awareness campaigns or managing the lifecycle of information, from creation to disposal.

You could be building phishing campaigns to improve our data security, designing risk mitigations for a business project or making sure our office room access systems are working and secure. Whatever the role, you will be responsible for protecting our organisation and staff.

“I’ve been here for 19 years, but no two days are the same. Alongside the people, that’s why I’ve stayed for so long.”

Catty – Security and Information Management

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