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About us

Learn more about what we do at the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Focus on a white wall of the office and a graphic which reads 'One mission, one purpose, one team, one ONS'. In the foreground a woman types on her computer at a touchdown space desk.

We’re the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics. The work we do makes a real difference, sharing data and analysis about some of the most important issues facing the UK.

We’re what’s known as an “arm’s-length body”. This means that we report directly to the UK Parliament, but we do not work for any political parties.

I love knowing that everything I do produces numbers that will help people.”

Keesia – Data Engineer

Our four principles

It’s important we stay focused on delivering work that improves people’s lives. To help us do this, we have four principles.

Being radical

We need to adapt quickly to changes in society and the needs of the people who use our statistics. Using the latest technology, we can collect, analyse and communicate data in new and creative ways.

Being ambitious

We use data to help find the answers for today’s biggest questions. By facing challenges head on, and finding the best people to work here, we can deliver work that makes a real difference.

Being inclusive

We want to create a workplace where we all feel comfortable and respected. The data we collect and the information we share should mean that everyone can see themselves in the numbers.

Being sustainable

We need to be efficient with our time and resources, using the right technologies, tools and techniques. We’re also committed to reducing the negative impact we have on the environment.

The ONS works hard to create a positive culture where you can manage your day in a way that works best for you.”

Sue – Head of Recruitment

We’re part of the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA)

Without getting too technical, the UKSA works to promote and safeguard the production and publication of statistics that serve the public good.

Put simply, that means we:

  • tell people, through our publications, about social and economic matters
  • help develop and assess the public policy on which laws are based
  • regulate the quality of our statistics

To help us do this, the UKSA has set out a five-year strategy, called Statistics for the Public Good.

Working at the ONS offices

At our offices in Newport, Titchfield, London, Darlington, Manchester and Edinburgh, we want everyone’s experience to be positive and meaningful.

Like what you see?

If you want your contribution to truly count, come and join us.