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Analytical roles

Analysis is at the heart of everything we do at the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Our statistics are in the media almost every day and people use them to make important decisions about services that affect us all. We can only do this by finding the best people to analyse our data and giving them the latest technology and techniques to do it.

As an analyst at the ONS, you will have access to analytical groups and networks, as well as. learning, development and training opportunities.

Our analytical roles include:

  • economic analysts
  • operational researchers
  • social researchers
  • statisticians
  • geographers

Economic analysts at the ONS

At the ONS, our economists work on a range of topic areas that make a real impact on government policy, public services and people’s daily lives.

Our economic analysts support important work, including:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates
  • inflation and price indices
  • investments, pensions and trusts
  • national productivity

Their expertise and insights can cover everything from macro and microeconomics to econometric modelling and data science.

I love the part-academic, part-troubleshooter nature of my role. The interesting problems I’m given motivate more academic-style research, but the practical implementation and the desire to help my colleagues keeps my work focused and grounded in the real world.”

Ben – Statistician

Operational researchers at the ONS

Operational research is a growing analytical profession in the ONS. Operational researchers make sure that our statistics can help to inform better decisions on topics that affect us all.

As an operational researcher, you will use a range of analytical techniques to do this, including:

  • detailed statistical analysis
  • simulation and mathematical modelling
  • facilitation
  • problem structuring

You can also help us to tackle new challenges in the changing environment of producing official statistics, including the use of administrative data and Big Data.

Social researchers at the ONS

As a social researcher at the ONS you will help to make sure that organisations have the data they need to make important decisions.

You could be designing our surveys and questionnaires or providing expert insight into the behaviours of the people who fill them in. Our social researchers help us understand everything from social and economic statistics to population figures and data about health inequalities.

Wherever you work in the ONS, you will be using your social research skills to improve the data we collect and analyse.

“For me, the ONS has it all: exciting opportunities to shape the UK data landscape, support to maintain and develop new skills, all while working flexible hours.”

Shamela – Social Researcher

Statisticians at the ONS

Our statisticians work on some of the UK’s most topical issues, collecting, producing and sharing our official statistics.

As a statistician or data scientist at the ONS, you will see your analysis hitting the headlines on a regular basis. You could be helping to solve problems in data management and analysis or conducting research into new data sources, methodologies and techniques.

Geographers at the ONS

Location data is an important part of our daily lives, whether you’re using an app for directions, booking a taxi or ordering a takeaway. It’s also used to create our statistics, which help people develop policies and make important decision.

As a geographer at the ONS, you will be working on innovative geospatial products and solutions. Your skills will make sure we have the right geographical data and tools to produce the best possible analysis.

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