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Head of Recruitment.

Sue joined the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2007. Since then, she’s benefited from the range of career opportunities the organisation offers.

In my current role as Head of Recruitment, I manage four different teams that do a lot of different recruitment throughout the office. We all work very hard to make sure that we take on people with the right skills to support the ONS’s priorities and commitments.

There are so many opportunities to progress your career in the organisation, whether you’re looking to move up a grade or move across to an entirely new department.

The ONS is great at supporting their staff. They make sure that everyone is doing the work they have an interest in and can develop their career in the way they want.

During Census 2021 operations, I was fortunate enough to take on the role of Head of Human Resources for the census as a whole and oversaw all the work in the field.

I don’t know anywhere else that could have given me the opportunity to take on a role like that.

One of the advantages at the ONS is the flexible working patterns. They understand that everyone has personal commitments and allow you to work around them, so you can bring your best self to work.

But the best thing about the ONS is the people we work with. You will always find that people want to come together. We all support each other so we can get the best out of everyone we work with.

I’ve benefited greatly from the supportive culture of the office, allowing me to pursue my interests, develop my career path and work in a way that suits me.