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Senior Facilities Manager.

Mathew stands in front of a privacy pod meeting room with one hand in a pocket another resting by his side. He looks relaxed and smiles. He wears a navy blue cardigan with a white shirt and pink chequered tie and navy jeans.

Since graduating in 1998, Mathew’s career has come full circle. Now he’s found a home at the ONS, doing a job that perfectly balances his interests and skills.

When I started my role at the ONS, it never occurred to me that I’ve come a complete 360 degrees in my career.

I left university in 1998 with a BSC Econ honours degree in Politics and Economics at a time when graduate programmes were in short supply. After several roles in hospitality and retail, I took a role in customer relations for the financial services sector where I quickly climbed the ranks.

After buying my first home and starting a family, I landed a role as a Maintenance Manager with a regional social housing provider. This exposed me to the world of property management for the first time and I loved it instantly.

Working for several providers over a twelve-year period, I absorbed key skills like a sponge, returning to further education and gaining new qualifications.

In 2002, I applied for and successfully secured a role managing plant and machinery within the DVLA Estate. I loved this and, to support my learning, followed some accredited project management qualifications to support my learning gaps.

I really missed the everyday challenges of facilities management, which brings us to April 2023, when I joined the ONS as Senior Facilities Manager.

The role at the ONS has been all I hoped for and the facilities here are second to none, demonstrating a truly inclusive culture. I’ve found my perfect balance, dealing with the hustle of daily estate management as well as utilising my project management skills.

The property management team are supportive, genuinely interested in my development and I feel I’ve found my home at the ONS.

All those years ago, I just wish I’d considered the ONS as a young Economics postgraduate.

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