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Head of Technical Training.

Charlotte stands in front of a privacy pod meeting room and the acoustic panelling around a collaboration space. She's looking directly at the viewer and smiling wearing a black dress with modern feather pattern.

Since Charlotte joined the Office for National Statistics (ONS), working in different teams has allowed her to develop new skills and knowledge. As Head of Technical Training, she now helps others progress their own careers.

One of the great things about working in the ONS is the variety it offers. I began my career in the ONS as an Administrative Officer on a temporary contract. I had recently completed my degree and was unsure of my next steps, so I was looking for a full-time role which gave me flexibility to explore the world of work and learn workplace skills.

Since I joined the ONS, almost 16 years ago, I have worked in multiple roles and in lots of different teams. When I initially joined, I worked on social surveys, collecting data from the general public to help gather insight into the UK’s labour market. I have since worked in a number of teams as a Statistical Production Analyst, producing and communicating high profile economic statistics. When working in a research and development team, I also had the opportunity to develop some of our important economic data. I helped to ensure our data are of the best possible quality for UK government policymakers to use.

I currently lead a Technical Training team focused on delivering economic statistics training, where I’m able to use the skills and knowledge I’ve built working in previous roles. My team and I help others develop within their roles and progress their careers, all while supporting the ONS to deliver high quality statistics for the public good.

As part of the Operational Delivery Profession, the variety of roles I’ve had through my time in the ONS has allowed me to:

  • develop my analytical skills with data
  • complete an A-level in Economics
  • improve my communication skills

The bonus has been meeting many wonderful colleagues along the way. The ONS is a large organisation with many opportunities for networking and opportunities to explore varied roles. All while being supported to complete personal development activities which support both the ONS’ goals and your own personal career journey.

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